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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  January 21, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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up what will probably be an extensive investigation into this shooting. we're told the suspect was never at the apartment complex or in the apartment when this happened when they made that forced entry. two officers were inside we're told just a moment ago we don't know whether this is accidental or a missed target. live in dublin, abc7 news. >> thank you. and in any case just a terrible situation. let's check in now with john alston. john? >> we're waiting from bart officials and perhaps a board member might be here in light of whachld police are waiting to find out what is going on.
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heard they're waiting to give a decision on what might be said a written statement handed out which said an officer had been killed in the line of duty. and the gm asking for thoughts and prayers for this officer right now, officials with bart are upstairs gathering thoughts in figuring out what happened in during this tragic incident. >> we're going to take you live shortly where that officer was taken. that tragedy involving this police officer extensively. more in just a moment. >> we know the identity of a man shot to death by two chp officers reports say the
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19-year-old was trying to run from officers. the incident began about 2:45. investigators say the bmw suv did not have a plate and turned out to be stolen the chase ended on east 15th street. >> and a police dog helped end a stand off between officers and a man near san jess yeah city college this afternoon. officers claim he tried to grab a taser. >> now a vote for mandatory water conversation in the north bay the town of heelsburg with is about to take that step. >> about an hour, town council going to be meeting on this
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issue heelsburg has been on a program if this passes all of the water saving strategies will be mandatory. mike wilson laid out frefsh soil for plants. it's an effort to cut back on use, he's concerned. >> heelsburg is a slice of heaven and things tend to work out in rain. usually we get there. >> one and a half inches now. >> right now, heelsburg is in a stage one alert. proposals to go to two means it will be mandatory. >> what does it mean? >> mandatory means you can be cited. that is the bottom line. >> if adopted the mayor says citations will be the last step to get compliance. >> it's common sense things people haven't been doing.
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checking for leaks and at night. >> these conversation efforts are aimed at heading off problems in the future. >> if water flows continue to reduce we'll have a harder time. >> tonight the board of directors will make a request for conversation. last year the district received less than 11 inches of rain. the lowest amount in the district history. previous low, 19 two crews started to ensure the fire did not get out of control
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this morning. sky 7 shows several fire vehicles around the small plume of smoke there. the crews had it under control in about 20 minutes and stayed around throughout afternoon to make sure the dry grass and brush did not spark again. >> danger. here we are in fire watch has been issued for lake county, mendocino county. winds and low humidity, all we've been talking about which is prompting the fire weather
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wachlt i'll be back with a ninth day of record highs and perhaps what it looks like for extended in just a few minutes. >> thank you. from too little water to too much, people should be careful along the beach. here is what the shore line looked like today high surf could bring the start of the mavericks surf contest, possibly as early as friday. >> there is no official date, so organizers pay attention to forecast and that could create perfect conditions. take a look at this video. this is from above. organizers say it takes many factors to make perfect
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peaks and any given winter that could mean 1, or 2 contest-worthy days the last competition was january of 2013. this was a view from sky 7 hd. the maf vicks invitational kicked off with a thrilling ride on a 25-foot wave. and people were really excited about that, drawing surfers from around the world this, event will have big changes in place. at the competition, a big wave washed up injuring a few and washing away equipment. spectators no longer allowed on the beach and have to watch from viewing area as above or streaming video at nearby businesses. now, coming up at 6:00, i will talk to some of the businesses and will give you a look at the contest roster so you can pick out your favorite surfer.
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>> thank you >> can you trademark the word candy? the company that did just that and going after anyone else who intends to use it. >> women looking for a win and relying on technologies to get them there. >> why wearing google glass in a movie theater led to an interrogation by the fbi. >> we continue our breaking news, you can see officers saluting this, is because a bart police officer was shot by friendly nier afternoon in [uncle]thi hopscotch,okay? uncle go one,two,one,two,one two,one. [niece]okay! [uncle]okay? [niece]one,two three,four,five,six,seven,eight! [uncle laughing] okay,we go the other way,okay? [niece]one,two,three,four,five, six,seven!
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[uncle laughs]there's ten spaces,you want to try again? [uncle]yeah? over breaking news a police officer shot and killed by
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friendly fire this is a live picture of the police officers there. this happened during a probation search the suspect was not there they did a probation search and one officer shot the other during that process. >> there is a motorcade preparing to escort the body off of the premises of eden medical center. officers marched up towards the emergency room. you can see there is another line of offic
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officers saluting. there are several departments represented here and they were saluting earlier. a couple family members received condolences and hugs from officers out there. and preparing to transport the body to the hospital. this van its way down the hill away from the hospital. this is a somber mood here. officers standing in small circles waiting for things to progress. you can see now driving off the grounds, a
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number of officers guard here the officer died of a gun shot wound inflict by the another officer earlier today them had cases of equipment and cameras and taking pictures and it appears it's a complicated case. you can see those officers now marching their way back down the hill here in castro valley making their way away from the hospital where the bart police officer was pronounced dead just hours ago. back to you in the studio. >> thank you very much. we're going to continue follow this
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for you at 6:00 but right now, we want to talk of weather and terrible delays there. a storm moving from mid west to mid atlantic grounding 60 flights and nearly 3,000 flights nationwide. another 900 already cancelled for tomorrow. >> a group of the world's female cyclists are looking to bike being maker using state of the art sek neeks to help them save times off their race times. >> that is true. here, it's making a difference. they like to call it win tunnel every part of a bike with helmet
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impacts speed and performance the engineer's background is a aircraft aerodynamics now,' plies to cycling. >> reducing the size, or improving shapes. and more we can do that. >> emphasis is placed on human engineering that is a factor rment >> there are exercises we have to do. so it's acaptaining. >> the team member is undergoing a body assessment recorded and analyzed. customizing are also critical to winning. >> if you're losing power
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because your saddle isn't come fofrtable, you're going to luchls they help you create the best saddle. >> the fitness manager will make adjustments. >> i've never met a symmetry cal human being. everyone has their own motion, even what goals are on the bike. >> this helps specialize to design better bikes for a fast growing market. >> among women aged 17-28, 60% are women. >> in morgan hill, abc7 news. >> that is impressive. >> yes. >> you know this frustration, right? you're running late and you can't find your keys or wallet? >> yes. new devices offer a potential solution. consumer reports partnered with michael finney to find out whether they work or not. >> do you have a hard time keeping track of keys? >> unfortunately, i do. >> yes. >> no question. moving onto it.
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new devices promising to help you locate whatever you're missing. consumer reports just tested three to see how well they work. you know the problem, you can't kind your keys or wallet. or anything else. >> i get frustrated it's horrible. >> i'm obsessed with trying to find it until i find it. >> stressful. very stressful. >> there are device that's can help, and who better to test them than consumer reports bernie. find yourself stick and find the cobra tech and beak yovenl all three allow to you tag and find your stuff when lost using your smart phone. >> these have limited ranges about 30 feet to be effective. >> so bernie went about tagging items then hiding them around the consumer reports headquarters. then, he tried to find everything. the least expensive $25 stick and find
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sometimes took up to two minutes to find the signal. frustrating when you're in a rush to find something. beacon quicker but costs $100 z only available for iphone 4 and 4 s. cobra tag is quick but work was more devices and at $40 isn't as tough on the wallet. that is if you can find your wallet. the cobra tag can work in reverse, too. if you lost your cell phone, but stril your tagged keys, are you listening? you can press the tag and it will ring your phone. >> handy. >> 100s sndz >> yes. >> i have to get a better memory. >> well, we're still waiting for rain but another gorgeous day today. >> sandhya patel joins us. sandhya? >> this is not something i
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report on this time of the year. another day of record high temperatures. this is the ninth day. take a look. it's warming up and we had a new record at sfo. 68 degrees. 70s at oakland museum. and broken record by one degree coming in at 76 degrees. record highs, live doppler seven hd. not tracking rain here, certainly seeing stormy weather back east. they have winter storm warnings, wind chill, storm coming down. and it will continue throughout the night. arctic skill and temperatures going to be below average at this time of the year. danger sin creasing and we're expecting to it continue heading into thursday morning. i'll talk
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about that in just a moment. half moon bay, 55 degrees you can see high thin clouds here are the readings. rosa. high thin clouds there high fire danger wednesday evening. and there is no rain in sight next ten days and it's kind of depressing. this is what we have to worry about. a few patches of fog into overnight hours heading into morning so first thing in the morning might want to watch out for fog. sheer what you'll need to watch out for going into thursday morning. high surf advisory until friday
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at 9:00 p.m . current wave heights 8 feet. so we're talking about high surf advisory, mavericks may be happening this week. make sure you grab a jacket. 40s around the bay ask coast. tomorrow afternoon, you can go with one layer or short sleechlt 72 half moon bay. sabt santa rosea, low 70s, 71 livermore, a look at the accu-weather forecast, our dry unseasonal and mild weather continues throughout the weekend. temperatures will come down out of the 70s going into # 0s friday, through really next week. and we need storms to talk
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about here. it is gorgeous. >> stay with us. more still to come at ak. at 6:00 ride sharing becomes uber competitive what. one company is doing to try to leave others behind. >> taking you back live to our breaking news story.. sky seven hd is following the van of a body carrying a bart police officer that was accidentally shot this afternoon. we're going continue to knoll for
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popular candy crush app
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trademarked the word "candy". what? not just video games but clothes and shoes and almost everything you can think of. the company is now going after app developers to enforce the trademark that has been approved in europe. and one pending in the united states. >> an ojaiy man went to see jack ryan shadow recruit. homeland security agents came in, took glass away and removed the man from the theater this happened in columbus. half a dozen officers questioned him three hours accusing him of illegally recording the movie. he told the gadgeteer they wanted to know who i am, where i live, where i work, how much i'm making how much computers i have. why i am recording the movie. who aim going give the recording to? why don't i just give up the guy up the chain? because they're not interested in me. authorities let the man
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go when checking his google glass. the theater gave him free tickets. >> the woman in that picture was in the associated with this case. bart moving closer to opening its oakland airport connector. the auto mated cards have few seats no drivers. doors are wide to fit people with luggage and the cars are going to connect the station to oakland airport. three-mile extension cutting the trip on shuttles by more than half. >> well, it seems there is a lot you can do with a little string you can do with a little string and straws. coming up it's kinda crazy around here sometimes. no. tonight, i got the favorites bucket. shhhhh, they're eating. kfc favorites bucket. 10 pieces, any recipe you want, $12.99. i even get my favorite. extra crispy boneless. thank you. ♪
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those who've been denied ewelcome to covered california. now, you can no longer be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at
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coming up at 6:00 developments out of dublin. a police officer was shot and killed by his partner. also, dan noyes and i team following up on number of rape case that's are not being investigated and what one lawmaker is trying to do about it. and the delicate technique created that is helping some patients lead better lives thank you. >> a field trip designed to shake up the way girls think about their career options. >> 76, 8th graders given vaus and challenged to take a two-story structure. it had to withstand
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>> this is recognizing engineers in themselves. >> engineers got a talk from female engineers and geologists, which has a huge impact they see other women who can inspire them directly. letting them know that that path is very viable for them. >> it's just so creative. this is amazing. good for them. >> so proud of them. >> that is going to do it for us. world news is coming up next. i'm cheryl jennings >> from all of us here thanks for joining us. we appreciate your time. and our next newscast at 6:00 p.m . wooel we'll see you then.
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>> enjoy the sunset. bye-bye. welcome to "world news," where tonight, 80 million americans are facing this winter blast. and it's only the beginning. as cars spin, thousands of flights are snarled, and the great lakes have more ice than we've seen in recent memory. olympic fears. the american speed skater, telling his family not to go because of terror threats. critical care. new information for everyone about the emergency room and surviving a heart attack. and "real money." taking on your internet and phone bills. how we save one family $1,000. the secrets that will help you, too. >> that is amazing. and a good evening to you on


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